Thursday, January 28, 2016

The History of the Musaceae Family: From Bananas to Ornamental Plants

The Musa genus (the “banana plant”) has two genera (musa and ensete) and about 50 species (depending on who you ask!), most known and celebrated for its delicious fruits – the banana and plantain. A cousin of well-known tropical flowers like the Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Canna Lily and Ginger, flowers in the Musaceae family have made their way into the ornamental plant market, adorning tropical bouquets with their exotic fiery colors, leathery textures, and curious forms.
Recognized as being native to Asia and Africa, evidence suggests that there were banana trees in North America 40 million years ago. Though it’s been cultivated for food for as far back as 10,000 years in tropical areas, Europeans didn’t get a taste of this delicacy until the 1500s. And edible bananas weren’t brought to The United States until 1876 during the Philadelphia World Exposition. Soon after, the world was hooked on their flavor and health properties. Now grown in 132 countries, the banana is the 4th most important fruit crop in the world.

Studies have shown that flowers in the hotel industry are a way for the customer to connect with the hotel and its brand. In fact, new trends have bouquets as an intrinsic part of a hotel branding strategy so that, based on bouquets alone, customers know which hotels they’re in. With so much focus being placed on the importance of the experience, hotels are finding ways to create experiences with their arrangements, taking customers on a journey through their walls with the main wow moment in the entrance.

With over 50 species, and not all of them edible, tropical flower farmers saw an opportunity to cultivate the musa ornate and musa coccinea among others. Resistant, rustic and exotic, growing Musaceae was a natural choice. With a growing tropical bouquet market, introducing new, exotic flowers into the market helps diversify as well as celebrate the jewels of the earth.
The Musaceae family brings an exotic, unforgettable experience to any arrangement, providing us all with that wow moment.


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